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Supersize Your Recycling Effort

If you are having a summer event – a sports day, prom party, BBQ, fair or similar you will need to make sure that provide proper waste disposal and hopefully recycling too. If you don’t provide enough recycling and rubbish bins then litter will be everywhere after your event. You will need to arrange the time consuming and unpleasant task of collecting all this up and then disposing of it properly.

These days your punters don’t want to see overflowing bins or a lack of recycling opportunities and if you don’t deal with rubbish properly you could be hit with large fines.

Too often event organisers underestimate the number and size of bins they will need. Whatever you think you need double it! Also, be aware that you get more rubbish in larger bins than you do lots of smaller ones and larger bins are less likely to overflow.

If you have to deal with waste and recyclables in bulk, think about investing in some 1100 litre wheelie bins, see image below. These bins give you the large capacity you need and a container that is secure, weather-proof and easy to manoeuvre.

1100 litre bins

These beasts of the bin world are popular with businesses and local authorities alike, and many of the large wheelie bins used by councils are in fact 1100 litre metal wheelie bins or commercial bins from companies such as Wheelie Bin Solutions.

You can also get 1100 litre wheelie bins in a rainbow of plastic colours, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown and dark grey, allowing you to provide a simple recycling station for your event.

Keep waste streams safe and secure

Don’t forget that you can earn some extra money by selling correctly sorted recycling. For this reason, people can want to steal the bins and their contents. Luckily they offer a number of security features that help to keep waste streams safe and secure and protect your recycling revenues:

  • 1100 litre metal wheelie bins offer even more strength.
  • Lockable lids prevent the bin from being opened to remove contents.
  • Integrated chipnest allows transponder to be fitted for tracking.

With these security features, plus the inherent advantage of the size and bright colours of 1100l wheelie bins, they are an ideal choice for bulk waste disposal and recycling at home and in businesses.

Use for all kinds of recyclable waste

Another bonus of 1100l bins is the ability to sort all kinds of recyclable waste using different coloured bins.

Metal bins are extra hard-wearing if you’re worried about any of the materials you need to throw away, but the plastic wheelie bins are also tested to withstand heat, frost, UV from sunlight, chemicals and impact shocks.

Common, sensible colours mean you can match local authorities’ preferred colour scheme for recycling – typically black or dark grey for general waste, green for garden waste, blue for paper and brown for mixed recyclables like plastic and metal.

But with seven distinct plastic colours to choose from plus metal 1100 litre wheelie bins too, you are free to create your own colour scheme for sorting.

Easier to dispose of specific waste streams

Each bin has several options that allow it to be customised to a specific type of recyclable waste, for example:

  • Confidentiality locks allow sensitive documents to be disposed of in paper waste.
  • Bottle apertures instantly show that recyclable glass or plastic bottles are welcome.
  • Convenient lifting points mean heavy bulk recyclables like glass can be collected.

When it comes to removing the waste, each bin features lifting points such as forklift pockets, drop fronts and towing kits, so you or your waste carrier can collect it as you wish.

Customised printing means your 1100l wheelie bins can be personalised, so that if they are removed in their entirety for disposal off-site, it is clear where they should be returned to.

A long list of benefits…

The list goes on – 360-degree solid rubber swivel castors ensure maximum manoeuvrability and tight turning circles, zinc-plated metal parts enhance corrosion resistance, and wheels come with optional central braking or twin footbrakes to fix position.

Whether you are a householder with an unusually large amount of waste – perhaps because of a large, regularly maintained garden, for example – or a business looking to collect and sort bulk recyclables in a consistent and convenient way, 1100l wheelie bins can help.

Just choose your colour and other features, and you’re ready to start recycling en masse!