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The 6 Best Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Methods

Keeping Carpets Clean Without Dangerous Chemicals

Using eco friendly carpet cleaning methods is the best way for you to keep your rugs and carpets as clean as possible. These methods are simple to learn and great for eliminating stains, smells, and other damage. Eco-friendly cleaning techniques are better than traditional methods because they do not contain dangerous chemicals. So by using environmentally friendly cleaning methods, you not only keep your rugs clean – but the environment, too. The great thing about these eco carpet cleaning techniques is you can do them yourself. If you prefer to hire a professional carpet cleaner just ask them which environmentally friendly methods they use.

Below are 6 eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods you can try yourself.

1. Vacuuming

Your First Line of Defense

The first step you should take towards keeping your carpet clean is vacuuming consistently. This will remove all of the dust, debris, and impurities on the surface. If you start using carpet cleaning methods before vacuuming, it may cause some of these impurities to get stuck in the carpet, or spread and become a larger issue. So, your first line of defence should be to vacuum your rug so it’s ready to be cleaned the eco friendly way.

2. Spot Treatments

Delay a Long Cleaning Session with Natural Spot Treatments

Before you invest in cleaning products, you should spot treat your carpet. This means targeting small problem areas. Luckily, there are many natural products you probably have lying around the house that can help you do this;

  • Salt for mud, dirt, and wine
  • Club soda for coffee stains
  • Cornstarch or cornmeal for grease

By using these solutions, you can eliminate common carpet issues with natural products you probably already own.

At the same time, you can make use of natural products to combat odours. Here are some recommendations:

  • Using baking soda overnight
  • Expose the carpet to direct sunlight and fresh air

At this point, you’ve vacuumed your carpet to remove all basic impurities and cleaned up common problem areas with natural solutions. If you’re still not happy with how your carpet looks, there are more natural solutions available.

3. Steam Carpet Cleaning

An Eco-Friendly Corner-to-Corner Carpet Cleaning Option

The machine will first spray your carpet with cleaning solutions – you can choose to use natural ones. Hot water then activates the solution, and a wet-vac dries up afterwards. This is a great option to rejuvenate your carpet, and then keep up with it yourself afterwards using vacuuming and spot cleaning. You can buy or hire machines to do this. Hiring a professional will be more expensive you will get better results as their equipment is better.

4. Carpet & Rug Shampoo

Some eco friendly carpet cleaner products are plant-based that use enzymes to eliminate dirt and odour. They are gentle enough that it won’t damage the texture of your rugs.

5. Matt by Eco-Me

The Most Affordable Option

If you don’t want to pay for a professional service, and you don’t own a carpet cleaning machine – Matt by Eco-Me may be the product for you. This is an all natural cleaning product that you sprinkle onto your carpet and let it settle in overnight. The next morning, you vacuum it up, and you’re all done. Using a combination of natural ingredients, this product combats odours, removes stains, and eliminates dangerous bacterias. All you need is a vacuum to get started with it.

6. Make Your Own!

A Cheap and Creative Method

One last idea may be to make your own organic carpet cleaner. There are plenty of combinations for you to experiment with. This can turn an everyday chore into a fun and creative project. A recipe from Organic Authority, recommends:

  • Baking soda
  • Natural liquid soap
  • Aromatherapy essential oils

As you can see, making your own carpet cleaning product can be fun and simple.

There are plenty of ways to keep your carpet cleaning while being environmentally friendly. Your first steps should be consistent vacuuming and spot treating. When this is no longer enough, you can call in the pros or invest in a carpet cleaning machine.


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  1. Khate Adams Avatar
    Khate Adams

    Your tips can be such a saving grace when it comes to carpet cleaning problems. At the time when my carpet was badly stained, and everything I tried to do to clean it didn’t work, hiring an expert was the best I can ever think of to solve such a problem. I’m glad our local carpet cleaning company was just a call away and helped with such mess. Cheers!

  2. Andrea Coleman Avatar
    Andrea Coleman

    There may be plenty of ways to clean the carpet, but for someone who has little time and is always on the go, doing such chore maybe a little pain in the back. While reading your tips, it sure did shed some light on this recurring carpet mess. Kudos!

  3. Afton Jackson Avatar
    Afton Jackson

    My brother has been interested in the idea of decorating his beach house with carpets and we want to make sure we can help him maintain them. It really helped when you stated that there are common household substances like salt and club soda that we can use to clean up stains because we may not have all the luxury to have big equipment to wash the carpets with when we’re on vacation so small fixes like these can definitely help. I’ll be sure to take note of all your tips after we send his carpets to the cleaners to make sure they’re fresh for vacation. Thank you!